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    Deer strike Video

    I just got back from a long ride through animal country. I had a few near misses and sadly drove over a dead deer outside of Billings Montana early Saturday Morning. Long story but not hurt. The GS just rode over the deer carcuss like it was a large bump .

    I was running about 65 -70 mph with all lights on but apperently the HID's I have do not have the same reach out and touch someone feeling that my old Piaa 910's had. The 910's will be going back on the bike.I have sore foot from a hunk of menacing venison that hit my foot and leg.

    When I signed on the the LD rider forum today this cross post was there and I thought it was worth posting. Be careful out there


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    This video link made the rounds on the ST100 list . Shows a
    sportbike rider with a video set up on his bike crashing into a deer.
    A little shocking and bloody so be warned.

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    So unexpected and sudden... hello, deer!

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    That was awesome.
    Now... bring me that horizon.

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