Hey Folks,

I have a couple of quick questions regarding the purchase of a used bike.

I am looking at a 1990 GSXR 750, with approx 37,000 kms. The clutch is still original – should the plates be replaced soon? Also, it needs new brake pads all around and could use a paint job.

Basically I’m trying to tally up the $ it’s gonna cost. Can anyone fill in the prices for the following:

New clutch:

New brake pads all around:

New Piston Rings (hopefully not needed, but just in case):

Fork seals:

Paint Job - Black (I’ll prep) (also, is it possible to purchase the 89 silver/grey GSXR 750 sticker kit?):

Also, it has a purple seat – ugg so …Re-upholster seat?:

Thanks for any advice.