Possible bike thieves!!!
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Thread: Possible bike thieves!!!

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    Possible bike thieves!!!

    I came home around 11:30pm on friday night and was in my drive way with my bike. I was getting ready to go out again and was putting on my helmet. Just as I did, two asian guys came walking around the corrner.

    Let me explain how my house is. There is a ally that starts right beside my driveway from the main street. It runs along the length of my house and stops just past my back yard. My garage is in the front of my house and directly beside the ally. Along the other side of the ally are high bushes starting at the main road and then driveways to the back of other houses.

    Just as I put my helmet on these two guys walked from the main street around the bushess towards my garage. they didn't see me at first becuase it was dark and there was no lights on so i think i was hidden by the shade at first.

    Then they saw me a just as they were about to come on to my driveway and pretended to leep walking down the ally. thats when they realized the ally was a dead end and right away turned around.

    Well at this point I knew they were up to no good. I asked them what the F@#* they were doing snooping around my house. Some lame excuse that there friend "Alex" use to live here a couple of years ago and that they haven't seen him for a while. Tottal Crap cuz I have been here over a half a year and the owners before me for over two years. The owners have no kids and are east Indian. These guys were almost FOB asian so I know that they were BSing. Besides there has never been a Alex here before. I checked.

    Well not sure how to handle this I followed them to there car where they quickly got in and wouldn't talk to me when i taped on theier window.

    They were driving a white honda prelude 96-98 I think. Lisence plate number 848 CJJ. He finaly rolled down his window a crack when he saw me look at his plate. I asked him his name and after hesitation said tony. (Garentee that wasn't his real name)

    If anyone can find out some details on this guy please let me know. I would like to take a vist to his house and see how many bikes he has there. (If my susspison is right)

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    i say report the mofos to local authorities.....

    good thing you were there and hidden, or else we would have had another "stolen bike" thread. Good heads up man and check on your bike periodically. Its no doubt that they'll be back again.

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    If the bike is in the garage there isn't a whole lot of worries. The door to the grage is bolted and alarmed from the inside and the main slidding door is also alarmed. So I am not to worried about it. And my roommate and I have two louisville sluggers just waiting.

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    hahahaha okay.... give em a good wack for me IF they come back, and i hope they don't for their own sake.

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    What would happen if you did report suspicious activity...would the police send it to a special task force to investigate?

    I just want to see a big news write up..." Motorcycle Theft Ring Busted"..platered on the front page!

    After having my bike stolen, I am really considering going to the extreme to do something about thieves..(ie...satelite hookup, pagers, ect.)

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    what area of burnaby do you live at??? i also live in burnaby and just want to know if you live in the same area as meso maybe i can keep an eye on them!! i live near hasting and gilmore, north burnaby.
    if the come back make sure you drop kick them for me!!!

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    Central Burnaby

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    If you catch them, we could have a whack-a-thief raffle!

    I mean, you already have bats!!

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    You could "get medieval on their ass".

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    Glad to see that they didn't get your bike. But i think I'd still report the plate number to the beans.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Yeah, report them. The RCMP have an Auto Theft Task Force that would like that information. The task force found my bike 6 weeks later in Abbotsford. (Total thrashed though.)

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