Earls Cove, Friday June 25
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Thread: Earls Cove, Friday June 25

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    Earls Cove, Friday June 25

    Didn't work out on tuesday, went for a morning rip up cypress then gave in and went to work. Lets try it again though.

    When: Friday, why not make this weekend a long weekend, weather is gonna be great.

    Time: Church on taylor way at 6:30 am,

    Where: Earls cove, Ferry leaves 7:20 $22 round trip.

    Why: its a great road and i wanna go before i move to detroit.

    Please post up if ya wanna go.

    Kevin i waited for ya at the church at 6:30 but i guess we missed each other.

    Tony i've given you lots of notice so get outta work.
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    I rode by the church this morning at 6:40am.Got to the ferry and figured you changed your mind.Was a awesome ride to Earls Cove,very little cars after Sechelt.Did a few runs back and forth.Tried Half Moon Bay.Nice twisties.

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    Maybe ill come and show you how to ride. Ill see if i can miss school.
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