tuesday 22nd early 12:30 run to quamish
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Thread: tuesday 22nd early 12:30 run to quamish

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    tuesday 22nd early 12:30 run to quamish

    ...going for a quick rip to squamish with a buddy of mine
    you guys are more welcome to join us maybe downtown after ~usual hang out places
    I ll be passing the church at around 1pm
    leaving richmond at 12:30

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    Eh Muh Gawd Becky!! Array Purplekawi's Avatar
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    my front room
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    ummmmmmmmm kinda short notice isn't it!!??
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    yeah sorry... im back already ---good rip to squampton with 3 ppl
    oh i didnt know there is a secret path to windsurfing school!!!( in squamish!!)

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