Sunday, June 26 Loop Ride
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Thread: Sunday, June 26 Loop Ride

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    flying busa

    Sunday, June 27 Loop Ride

    Hi Gang,
    Serious, mature, experienced riders only.
    Loop..long or short..depends on group...Pembertons, Cache Creek, Merrit, Princeton, no. 7 home.
    When: sunday, June 27
    Time: 8:00am for Breakfast
    Leave: 9:00am
    Place: The Swan 1724 W.4th Ave
    Come gassed and ready to ride..
    Please come with all ID...and tire patches if needed...this is going to be an almost 900km ride...please no new riders..come in full gear...
    It's going to be hot..bring water...
    We'll gas up pass Squamish, Pemberton, Lillooet, lunch in Merrit ABC Restaurant, after lunch Princeton, Hope, no 7 home.
    Please friendly social attitudes please..not a race.
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    tomahawk rider Array BC Dub's Avatar
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    fizzer two-fitty
    Did you mean Sunday June 27th?
    17000rpm of fury.

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    flying busa
    Oh no..what a goof ball I am..yes you're right June 27 thanks BC dub.

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    flying busa
    When I mean maturity..I don't mean age...just mature.

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    Moderator Array jeckyll's Avatar
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    Have fun guys. It was great when we did it on Sunday

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    Yeah, you might want to leave a little earlier Julia. If you in fact do the whole thing like we did last week, you won't be home till 10 or 11.

    You know how hard it is to keep a large group moving and you're only as fast as your slowest rider.
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
    Heeere's your sign...

    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    flying busa
    Hi Don,
    We did it last Sunday leaving the Swan @ 9:00am and we did it in 10 hours. Anyways, I'm not an early risers and the traffic wasn't that horrible. After Whistler things were just fine. Thanks Don

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