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    r-6 needles

    i have had a few interesting days talking to various,tuners from top jet kit companies,and i've already had a email response from factory on the weekend no doubt!i've installed a couple diff jet kits on 02 r-6's both have nearly the same symptoms when finished,to me there rich,leave it at that for now,and the kits are made for the r-6 no yr specified but i think it would be no newer than 01 anyway,obviously the stock ones are all the same all years or at least 01-02,but it sounds like thats not the case,so does anyone else have a o2 r-6 with a jet kit installed on the board? here is exactly what the email said to me this morning.
    (call the tech line#####and ask for some 64 and 68 needles,the 02 r-6 is exactly the same as 01 -according to the parts listings-but i dont think so! try both needles and use the set thar works best(thats tuning)the 64's-2 clips leaner than the 60's provide in the kit,the 68's are another 2 clips leaned in the midrange,thanks for enquiring, ***)
    iwont print names or #s but they are supplying the needles free,so somethings diff from the model years,i wonder if thats the case for all jet kits!i'll do further research and post it.

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    Good to see your doing your homework before you finetune my carbs.

    For those of you that don't already know, John knows his sh*t and Bomax rocks! Don't ever hesitate to take your bike there. You will be pleased with the results.

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