Anyone ever travelled to Brazil?
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Thread: Anyone ever travelled to Brazil?

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    Anyone ever travelled to Brazil?

    Looking to go for 6 months just wondering if anyone has any advice re Visa's? shots? etc...

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    Hey, I'm going next week!

    PM me any questions you have, but I'll probably be a lot more halpful after I come back.

    Re: shots and visas

    Shots - it depends where you are going. A Yellow Fever vaccine is required if you have been to certain countries within the last 6 months, or if you are going to venturing into the Amazon and stuff. Hep A & B are a good idea, as are Malaria pills. If you're going to be venturing out into the wild, there are probably a bunch of other shots you'll need too. It's best to go for a consult at a travel clinic, but you can get some info here:

    Visas - apply for it early! I applied last month, and am still waiting for mine (and getting very nervous!). It should be her today though, becuase they said they sent it two days ago. I just got a tourist Visa, but if you're gonna go for 6 months, you'll probably want a different visa(?). There's an application on that same site as above:

    Any other questions?

    EDIT - oh yeah, and pick up a travel's usually a good place to start. I got this one: You can sign it out from most libraries too.
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