Tune ups - where? How much? What is needed?
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Thread: Tune ups - where? How much? What is needed?

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    Tune ups - where? How much? What is needed?

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to get my 02 6R "tuned up", hence oil change, valve adjustment and what not but I'm not sure where to go and how much i should be paying.

    It's at 17-18K now and I want to make sure it is maintained healthy. Any recommendations?

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    Basically, it's plugs, oil and clean the filter. You can do this yourself for a small investment in tools. As far as engines go, that's about it. It's likely a little early for a valve adjust on a Yamaha but, that's about 1.5 hours itself. It can't hurt.

    I'd ask them to check the steering head, adjust the chain slack and check bolts overall for tightness at that mileage, even if it cost a few bucks more. Hour and a half of shop time for all that, tops. On an R6 particularly, I'd have them look closely at the battery and make sure all is well there (known issue). Two smaller shops served me well in my tour of Yomama ownership: GA, in PoMo and North Shore Suzy/Yama.

    Here's a data point for all: You can negotiate with your shop! It's true! You bought a $12,000 bike from them, use that leverage to work a deal on first service or some such. There's no such thing as a fixed price for things; only guidelines people are too chicken to question. I'm not suggesting grinding someone until they can't make money but most sensible shops will take the long view, i.e. make the customer happy and they'll be back to buy lots more from us. Works for me, works for them; it's basic business, actually.

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    if you're close to Burnaby Kawasaki they do good work. Norhtshore suzuki/yamaha is good too. There's Bomax which will be cheaper if you can get an appointment.
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    BK, Bomax and Imperial are all within the Burnaby area which makes it easy for ya.
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