Kawi GPZ400, some pointers?
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Thread: Kawi GPZ400, some pointers?

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    Question Kawi GPZ400, some pointers?

    Hi there, I currently own a rared bike a 1983 Honda VT250F (II) Integra.

    Now there's not many of these are if any outside of mine, and it is in prestine condition, having only 8800K on it, and when I picked it up only 8525K.

    I will put a picture of it together with this post.

    Now that being said I have ridden it everyday to work and back (about 20k each way) and around new westminster/burnaby and I'm quite cofortable with the bike, though I'm 5'9" and sometimes I feel I'm a little heavy for the bike weighting about 200pounds, specialy on some uphill situations, I noticed the power decreases somewhat (not much, but some).

    Now my bike as stated before is in "like new state" and looks and sounds/rides like new, I have a person (girl) who purchased 1985 Kawazaki Ninja GPZ400, and it is way to big and havy for her, she has seen my bike and felt more confortable in it (though she hasnt ridden it yet), we have been talking about trading (even swap) now I know hers is 2 years newer then mine, does have some little mods here in there (mine is stock) like a dif exaust and such. She will have some work done on it b4 I can ride it as she discharged (drained the batery) by leaving the lights on, she will also get a newer clutch that was given to her when she purchased it installed, as well as a nice cleaning of the carbs but I ride and test it.

    Now the bike does have some scratches as it looks like it has been droped on each side once at least. So here starts my questions.

    What do I need to know about this bike type, mine is supposed to be bullet proof, (btw hers has 19K on it atm) and I would like to get a ninja (always liked them) and 400cc seems like a nicer weight/power for my size and weight (again 5'9", about 200lbs give or take 5lbs).

    The looks of mine is better atm, mine looks prestine in looks wise, so the questions are:

    1 - Is the trade a worthy deal? Or am I better off with the one I have?
    2 - Does this bike have a history of problems?
    3 - Is it more expansive to maintain?
    4 - how much in average would I spend to have certaing areas of the bike "retouched" so that it doesnt look like it's been misthreated?

    So what u guys think?

    Let me know ASAP as I'm considering the trade withing the next week or so.

    Also, how can I avoid paying anything other than transfer fees (a few bux) to ICBC, since this is a trade?

    BTW if u like to know more info on my bike I had a thread earlier (I think a month ago) asking some questions after my purchase.


    So please u wise ones, let me know what u guys think of this deal.

    Alex Chmara aka Eclipse

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    I'm winding down here getting ready for bed so I figure I'll chime in for whatever knowledge I can give ya.

    For older bikes in general, they've depreciated enough so that the bulk of the value of the bike lies in the state of maintenance. i.e. the value of the motorcycle could vary by $1000 or more just by having bald tires, wore chain and sprockets, dead battery and burnt charging system etc.

    So if you're looking for a straight swap, all of the wearables better be at the same level as your bike.

    1) tyre wear
    2) sprockets - you'll probably only be able to see the rear sprocket. Look for teeth that are hooked or snapped. If they're at all hooked, or look very thin(worn) then the sprocket needs changing.
    the chain also goes with the sprocket - check this by going to the left side of the bike by the rear sprocket. Give the chain a tug at the rear most portion of the rear sprocket and see how far it comes off the sprocket. If you can pull it more than a centimetre, the chain also need replacing.

    Those items there are worth about $600

    I can't tell you off the top of my head the exact values of each bike, but these items should give you some help negotiating. You're honda looks like a clean clean bike.

    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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