Today (June24) on W. Broadway 1700 block
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Thread: Today (June24) on W. Broadway 1700 block

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    Exclamation Today (June24) on W. Broadway 1700 block

    ok... so... as usual, after i ride down the elevator from the top floor going home and happily waiting for a bus to come, and i saw this two riding on W. Broadway heading East and turning left to Pine street.

    This is what i saw while in shock:

    The 1st rider is a complete squid. No gears no jackets, just t-shirts and pants with a helmet. Riding on a 150cc or 250cc Sherpa-like-motorcycle. Immediately following is a guy who has full gears, leather jackets and pants on a sport bike. Looks like the guy in full gear is trying to teach the squid how to ride. BUT I AM NOT SURE.

    Now, as they were trying to turn left on Pine street, they were doing HAND SIGNALS... that is a maneuver that I will NEVER DO (unless absolutely necessary) while riding or learning to ride. If you taken the ICBC road test, you know that the examer told you that he/she will never ask you to do any hand singles while riding. The hand signals they did were complete wrong and confusing.

    Both the squid and the guy in full gear show they hand signals like this; left index finger extended to the left. When I first saw that, i thought they were doing waving to other riders from the opposite direction, but as i look more clearly, there were no other riders around. Therefore I *realized* they were trying to make a left hand turn with their own versions of “left hand signals”. AND no left-turn-singles (the one that blinks yellow lights) on BOTH bikes.

    Damn, the rear car must be like me who did not understand their hand-singles. The squid were quick to turn while there are cars in the intersection, he just zip it thru. (It was traffic jam and cars are on all three lanes) The full gear guy must have realized that it was dangerous to turn like that, so he stopped. The car, which was following behind the full gear guy, pulls an emergency (moved to middle lane) maneuver in order to avoid a rear-ending collision.

    The full gear guy had *successfully* turn left on the pine street.

    I had my jaws dropped while standing at the bus stop. I just did not believe what I just saw over there...

    If you were the one who was riding there today, man, you are lucky.
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    speakin of irresponsible things i waved at a dude on a bike off an overpass and was rewarded with a wheelie and to boot he was riding squid.

    so all i have to say that guy is

    thanks you made my day

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