Lot Man/Detailer position opening
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Thread: Lot Man/Detailer position opening

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    Lot Man/Detailer position opening

    Dealership in new west seeking a Full time 12:30-9 detailer and a 12:30-9 lot man, monday-friday.
    Must be motivated, on time, " here to do the job right" guy that won't screw around and not socialize instead of working.MUST be a good driver, Drive stick, Speak English. Experience a bonus.
    If you apply,be serious. Not like the last time i posted someting like this, a certain girl(you know who you are) called and got an interview and didnt show up. Thats a waste of everybody's time and made me look like a freakin' moron in front of my manager. PM me if interested.

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    Shit, New West is a little far. somewhere closer to abby would be great!!
    anyways, good luck with finding someone.
    are you a sales person, or a lot man, yourself?

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