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    Lightbulb New riders and BC

    I think cause of last year's movies like torque, and biker boyz and other motorcycle related media stuff on the rise, a lot more people have decided to ride this year and therfore lots of new riders lacking useful information about safety and risks and what to do (bla bla) and that is why there've been a lot more Fatal accidents this year than last (or so it seems), heck 3 riders in 2 days (fatal). This is just nuts and i think I heard 1 wasent in proper gear and another wasent suppose to ride at night and he did. I wish I could do something to inform the new motorcyclists.

    Maybe we should all pitch in and make up flyers or pamflets with information for new riders (links to's new rider pages) and have the pamflets all over the icbc driver licencing branches so as the new riders go to get licence they could also check out the links full of information.
    Icbc's decision to not do Motorcycle awareness thing shows that they dont care much about motorcycles. We should do something b4 it gets even tougher to ride in BC.

    I m positive that 60% of the new riders dont even know what is and if they did know and visited bcsb, i bet the information exchange could really benifit them all and maybe reduce some the % of fatalities or accidents. I can say this with confidence that i've learnt a lot on BCSB and i'd be no where with motorcycles without it.

    Just my opinion....please feel free to post your views and lets do something about it.


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    I Agree.... This is My 2nd year riding and my Girlfriends 1st year....
    after my 1st year i thought that i knew everything... HAHAHA and only wore my gear twice the ENTIRE SEASON, i went squid almost everyday!!

    Then just a few months ago, someone told my GF about BCSPORTBIKES.COM... and I realized.... HOLY SHIT!! I KNOW NOTHING!!...

    Reading posts, and interacting with people on here have really opened my eyes!!, Now i NEVER ride without proper gear, ride WAYYYYYY more cautiosly in traffic.

    Too bad ICBC couldnt refer new riders here when they get their LEARNERS PERMIT. As long as those MOfo's get your $$$ thats all they care about!

    Ride safe...

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    I suriously doubt shit movies like torque had anything to do with the increase of riders. And there's been two days, with multiple posts on the same. there's been 4 riders down in the last 3 weeks. I will gladly volenteer my freetime to help people learn hwo to ride, but take a freaking course people. We still have no right to judge the riders who are no longer around to defend themselves and their actions, so please, lets respect our fallen comrades.

    one day, if I'm drunk enough I'll rent torque, but I've seen biker boys (apparently the better of the two) and let me tell you, those don't inspire people to ride/race...thats what motogp is for.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boarder

    one day, if I'm drunk enough I'll rent torque, .

    Oh believe me, you would have to be drunk to watch that movie... I think the one thing that made the movie just top knotch, wasn't the bikes going over jumps in the desert, or Ice-T talking on a cell at 100mph, or even being able to jump onto a train while it's moving and do a 180 on a dime. It was when the "star" got into a massive crash doing over 200mph without a helmet and got up and walked away. just... priceless.....
    Only the strong survive.

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    I really like the idea of having like a brochure or something that could give some info to new riders...

    And while I think this community is useful to new riders, I don't know if ICBC would want to refer all new riders to this community... fact is, there is too much talk about running from cops, how to fight speeding tickets, acceptance to riding illegally (without insurance, night riding with only MST), etc.. the list goes on... It'd be awfully strange for them to endorce such a community...

    While not as much of it goes on in the noob forum, it's still around.

    just thought I'd mention that.


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    Sounds like a extremely good idea, like anything younger or inexperianced people need to be taught by someone and should hear or read the experiances of others who have been riding for some time. That's why I came here, it was a local community with motorcycle enthusiasts and I knew I could learn some things and gain advice, and I've had really good feedback too, even despite some of my first thoughts being quite stupid.

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