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    I Need Help!

    okay, I have a few questions.. ... .. I have already talked to Harps and Human about giving my chain a good lube... thanks guys.. but what is a good kind of lube oil to use? Is it nessacary to clean with WD40?? and then Lube? and one more question... I got a super white bulb .. from a friend.. i dont have a clue on how to put it in.. .. .. can somebody please help!

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    As for chain lube, I would recommend using the Blue Label PJ1 Chain Lube. I have tried many and this one so far has worked the best.

    Its quick and easy, doesn't fling off and doesn't coat your chain in white or blue residue.

    As for WD-40, you only use that for cleaning, and you can clean the chain as much as you want, I never do it. But when/if I do, I'll just take it off and use some kerosene.

    Just lube your chain every 1000km and you'll be fine. You have to remember that your chain uses sealed o-rings, its not _necessary_ to lube it. That is why you lube when the chain is warm, hopefully then the o-rings absorb the lube, doing it when its cold is pointless.

    If you use an oil based lube, make sure you spray it on lightly, WIPE, let set overnight, WIPE, then you'll still have to clean your arm and tail from the fly off.

    Have fun!


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    First off Sunny, ya should have posted this in Tech and Mods but when SMZ or Dalton sees this it'll go.

    Lubing the chain is best done after you clean it. Chances are it's got a black greasy coating at this point. The black is grit, grunge and worn metal particles from normal running.

    The easiest and most effective way to do this is put your bike up onto a rear wheel stand so you can spin the wheel with the bike in neutral. If you don't have a stand then you're stuck with doing a small section of the chain at a time and rolling the bike ahead or back to expose the next section. Very annoying. Or if you're careful you can put a board under the kickstand and jack up the right hand side of the swingarm so the wheel is off the ground.

    I use WD40 or some low odour paint thinner or VARSOL from the local paint store. This is the oil base thinner, DON"T use lacquer thinner or anything else or it'll ruin the O rings in the chain right now. Use an old tooth brush to scrub the chain down and loosen the grunge. Wipe away with some paper toweling and then rewash with more WD or thinner. Use more paper towel to wick away the cleaner and repeat until the paper towels are showing that the washing up stuff is clean or just a little grey. Wipe thourowghly so it feels dry. Now spray on some chain lube while spinning the wheel. Put a fair amount on and then quickly wipe off the excess from the outer surfaces of the chain. Don't worry there's still lots left in the rollers where it's needed and there will still be a light film on the outside to keep the rust away. You want to wipe off the excess or it'll just fly off onto your tail and it attracts mondo amounts of grit. Let dry for about 20 minutes and your done. The lube goes on thin and then dries to a sticky grease. That's why you want to wipe off the extra while it's still runny. PJ-1 or Silkolene works well for me. Avoid the wax lubes unless you NEVER go out in the rain.

    As for your bulb it should have a page in your owner's manual on this.
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    Yup, what they^ said. I've used the PJ-1 and Silkolene stuff aswell...but I really like the Bellray lube. It seems to 'stick' to the chain the best, and not fling off.

    To clean my chain, I use a rag soaked in WD-40, it works fine. But only clean maybe once every 2 months...or if it starts to look really grungy.
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