Joe Rocket Meteor, Ballistic or Atomic
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    Joe Rocket Meteor, Ballistic or Atomic

    Just looking for honest feed back on these jackets. Protection, ventilation etc.


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    I have the Meteor 3.0 and find it offers good protection (wind=OK, rain=great, crash=good) and adequate ventilation. The two vents on the arms could be bigger, and i would like a couple chest vents, but the existing ones work when you are in motion.

    All in all, I am happy with the jacket but would prefer a leather jacket so that when I start getting into track days I could just buy some zip-on pants. Now I have to buy both pants and jacket.

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    I have the Ballistic 3.0 jacket. I think it's great. Dry or wet, warm or cold, it can handle it. Lots of pockets, and the big pouch in the back is really handy.

    Mine leaks a bit where the cinch-straps are, around the base of my rib cage I guess. Haven't quite figured out why. Mabye because the fabric is being pulled taught? Or maybe because the jacket bunches up a bit and forms a little puddle-catcher?

    That's one thing to consider: the Ballistic jacket is fairly long. Depending on how you sit on your bike, it may ride up or bunch up. I sit fairly upright, so the longer jacket is OK with me.

    I don't find it uncomfortable in this heat as long as I keep moving a bit. And I feel secure that in the event of a crash the jacket will protect me.

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    I've got a JR Meteor 3.0 as well. Venting is pretty good. Use it everyday to commute to Vancouver. Even tolerable in the Oak St bridge line-up. I leave the side vents and the large vent at the back open most of the time. It's not very warm in colder temps.even through it has a zip-in removable liner As I leave White Rock at 5:00 am, up until a few weeks ago, I needed to wear a sweatshirt underneath.

    I have noticed that the color bleeds a little. As mine is yellow and black, the black seems to be bleeding into the yellow at some seams. It's easy to clean and looks like new after a wash.

    I like the colour and as it's bright yellow, the cages seem to take notice for the most part.

    Not bad for the price!

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