what you think of driven to perform bike show?
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Thread: what you think of driven to perform bike show?

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    what you think of driven to perform bike show?

    What did you guys think of the bikes at driven to perform........somewhat of a let down if you ask me...........that white r6 with gucci trim was ..........what do you guys think of it?

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    I think the bikes were quite lame! The R6 was nice but please, just for show no go, hell anyone can dip a bike in chrome and paint it white. I would like to see bikes that are nice on the eyes and have performance mods and are ridden. Some of those bikes look like they are trailered around everywhere.

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    thats the difference between race bike and "show" bike

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    Miss Smilely
    technically it's mostly a car show, but trying to get both cars and bikes into it now!

    The only sweet bike there was the R1 at the 3rd Watch Alarms booth....right between the sweet Mazdaspeeds from MPSport!

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    Yeah, the bikes are just an afterthought for an event like that. Heck, if they were accepting stock bikes... you might as well just go to a dealership and look at the bikes there.

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