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    Question Holiday ideas

    I'm gonna go on vacation , i've got it narrowed to HAWAII(so typical), MEXICO(again typical), Cuba, Dominican rep.

    where would you go?

    anyone got any feedback from previous vacation spots?

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    My parents have been down to the Dominican Repulic. They enjoyed themselves very much down there. As with Mexico the tourist areas are beautiful, comforatable and very relaxing. You can also go into the towns and take tours around there. From what I hear it's very different going into town, especially if you've never been to a country like the D.R. Somewhat of a culture shock. But from all I've heard the trip is entirely worth it.

    For my money though my dream trip is to rent an RV and go with a bunch of people and take the bikes down the coast. Right into California and then back up. Take all the beautiful roads along the coast....sleep out under the stars at night. Ride the bikes and go swimming along the way. Soak up the freedom and the sun.

    Baby Oh Baby!!! Would that the be the life.

    Enjoy your trip man. Whatever you choose I don't think you can really go wrong, they're all really beautiful places to go...
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    Been to Mexico both Cancun and Cozumel. Nice but Cancun is terribly ommercial. Cozumel has a lot of culture and history so very interesting. Honduras is amazing if you are looking for primitive and untouched. Very third world and very poor. The poeple are very nice as the country really relies on tourism. I visited Roatan, it is an island off of mainland Honduras (which of course is not safe for tourists.) The snorling/scuba is breathtaking, the beaches are white sand and turquoise water.
    As I was there on a cruise I only visited the beach, but I do not think there is a lot of shopping, or attractions. Good spot if you like surf, sand, and sun witout too much need for being touristy.

    Visited Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic a few years back. Extremely long and painful flight. Left at 9pm and did not arrive until 9am? I think it was 9 hours in the air. Ask for exit row if you do go. The vacation books don't tell a ton about Puerto Plata. It is a resort complex about 35 miles (i think it was miles) from town, either direction. The complex has nothing but hotels and a very touristy mall. The mall closes quite early, has your usual stuff, souvenir shops, a pizza hut etc. Stayed at the Gran Ventana, and while beautiful, there are few activities at nite to keep you busy. There is a nite club in the resort complex if interested. Should you venture into town, try and go on a guided tour. Again, a very poor country. Crime is high in town. The guided tour of the outback is unbelieveable and you end up in some pretty neat places. One being the wind surfing beach (i can't remember the name). They hold world championships here and the waves are insane!!! Went body surfing there. Pick up cheap rum there (known by the locals as gasoline) if you are a fan. I would recommend Punta Cana over Puerto Plata as friends seemed to enjoy it more. Another drawback, of course typical to all these places, is those guys on the beach selling shit that never seem to accept no for an answer!!!

    Good luck deciding, Cuba supposed to be quite reasonable. Bring me back some cigars if you end up there!

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    If I was to travel I'd tour Europe, go back to the home land and experiance everything, perhaps backpack it. See France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, maybe Egypt (would be great but perhaps out of the way,) Greece and what ever else may be of a interest in that area.

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