Requirements to do BC motorcycle courses
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Thread: Requirements to do BC motorcycle courses

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    Requirements to do BC motorcycle courses

    Hi folks !

    It's me again .. yeah yeah .. I know, I'm only around when I want something, so I'm a cat .. well .. whatever

    I come with more questions. I asked a while ago about what I'd need to do if I came over with a full UK motorcycle licence. Well .. I haven't managed to sort that out. But I am definitely on my way over to Vancouver to live within the next three weeks .. which gets a huge WOO YEAH !

    Now - looking about at training schools, I notice pro-ride say they require:

    You need a Class 5 license (car)*, and you also need to have a Class 6 (motorcycle) learners' license, which can be attained at any ICBC Driver Services Centre.
    What is this learners licence and what do I need to do to get it ? Is a UK CBT in any way recognised as a step up on the learning ladder ?

    That's all.

    Oh - friend of mine just showed me his new Daytona 955 .. it's a bit tasty. One day. One day.

    Have a smashing day you lot !



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    your CBT is probably not worth anything here

    AFAIK you have six months to get your Canadian driving licenses

    try this link:

    send me a PM when you get here Will, i'm an expat also

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    You can also get your class 7L (take passenger vehicle knowledge test) then you get a learners drivers license with photo ID which is the most important part and why they make you have that or your Class 5, and then you can take your motorcycle knowledge test which would be your Class 8L and within a month you can take a skill test and be on your merry way riding alone.

    This is the route of course if your UK license holds no value here, but I have absolutely no idea, either way the knowledge tests are brain dead easy.

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    thanks for the replies you useful lot you ..


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