ok, i think these are 2000 r6 fairings (blue and white). they are NOT the twin LED rear tail lights.. they are the solid piece! there are no bolts that come with these either, as i do not have them!

anyways, what you get:

- front, sides, bottom, tail, gas tank.
- front head lights, rear tail light, signal lights

basically, you get all the stock bodywork and lights, minus the fasteners/bolts

i will get pictures sometime this week. the fairings are in good shape, there is a minor scuff somewhere i beleive (i havnt looked at these fairings in months).. the lights are in great shape, but the gas tank does have a small dent in it

i am selling this as ONE COMPLETE UNIT.. no parting out, sorry!

the reason i am selling them is because i was planning on fixing my r6 with street plastics.. but i think i am going to opt for race glass insted!

i am asking $1700 OBO for them.