*testing the waters*

this is a TRACK ONLY bike.. or stunt bike if you wish!

1999 yamaha r6 (what you see in picture is what you get, + things i add below)
- engine has around 19k on it
- 2001 r6 tranny (1500km on it) installed by yamaha mechanic
- gas tank with a big dent
- stock exhaust system
- sub frame is bent on the end, no big deal with a solo tail however
- frame is NOT dented
- everything is straight and true

what the bike needs (from what i can see so far):
- clutch lever assemly
- tach/spedo
- misc bolts
- master brake cylinder resvoir

basically the motor is the only thing bolted up, along with the wheels and sub frame.. i have a seat also

i do have fairings for the bike.. check them out here.

picture of the bike as of right now.

i have not fired up the bike since the tranny got fixed

im open to offers!