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    its got 2 wheels

    ICBC question about crashing

    Well I havent done it and dont plan to but I just wanted to know, what happens if you go down because of a wheelie?

    Will this be under collision and you have to pay the $1000 and your insurance goes up or do they say you were wheeling and were not covering you.

    Does the same go if your speeding and they can prove it?

    Im just curious.

    1 last thing, ive heard storries and wanted to know what happens when someone takes another person to court and settles for $2million. If that person has $2mill worth of liability do they have to pay ICBC back or is this why we have insurance?


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    I can't speak for ICBC, but our company does cover stupidity. I would imagine you will find no different at ICBC but I could be wrong. I would imagine they will rake you over the coals and will make an example out of you, but in the end, they would LIKELY cover you. Premuims?
    Guaranteed to go up. a wheelie = single vehicle accident (collision claim)

    As far as speeding goes, I believe if it can be proven there may be a weak basis for denial but doubt their wordings are specific enough to say "if caught speeding... we will not cover you."

    Hope that helps

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    Yes its a at fault accident,pay the deductable and bite the bullit on insurance.

    I did many claims on bikes this year and i try to convince the riders to repair themselves if its less thaan 1500 or so.

    I had a guy use his insurance for a crash that cost 650 to fix and he had a 500 deductable so he took a hit on his premiums for the 150.00 he didnt pay.

    so before ya ever do a claim or go through a claim please ask the shop for the assesment first then go from there.

    Just because you went to the claim center and have the sheet doenst mean you took the hit yet.its not against you till the sheet is sent in from the shop signed and deduc paid by you.

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    John is right. Get the estimate done with the claim form. Then see how much it is to fix it yourself (tell the shop you don't need every single thing changed for brand new) and if it's less than $2000, it's pretty much a no brainer that you should fix it yourself. This will affect your insurance for 3 or 4 years. As a matter of fact, the adjuster can tell you how much it will cost you in how many years. If you decide to fix it yourself, just call the adjuster and inform ICBC that you will be fixing it privately and will not be fulfulling the claim. It's as easy as that.

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    you're completely forgetting those with good driving records. I get 'practically' two at faults free. the first doesn't drop me at all, and the second maybe only 15% or so. (I'm at -13 :-)

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    Ya your rates won't drop, although, it means you used up one of your "free" accidents. I guess you have to decide how likely it is you'll have another claim in the next 3 years.

    Damn you for having such good rates... an accident will push me up _5_ slots, not 3.

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