HELP! how to sell a bike?
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Thread: HELP! how to sell a bike?

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    Question HELP! how to sell a bike?

    i have a bike that i need to sell, haven't sold a car nor anything expensive before, so i want to know what are the procedures for selling a bike (eg. documatation, timing, how to xfer ownership, etc...). any info will be appreciated. also, should i allow test pilots? if not how do i make a fair deal with someone?

    thx guys.
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    An Autoplan agent should be able to give you the straight facts on what is legally required eg. documentation. Or look here on the ICBC website.

    Test pilots? Up to you. IMO no test rides unless someone has the full asking price, cash-in-hand (ie. *your* hand) as a safeguard against theft or damage while on the test ride.

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