Oil on the road - June 30th 1:30pm
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Thread: Oil on the road - June 30th 1:30pm

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    Oil on the road - June 30th 1:30pm

    coming into Van from the Cambie Bridge, on Smithe Street from Pacific to Richards.
    It looks like water at first, but it's not!

    Blue BMW cage lost all its oil and deposited it on the street. I pulled over to tell him to turn off his car and call a truck.
    I told him his car was out of oil. "what do you mean" he said. I informe him that it is all over the road and that I almost dumped the bike because of it.

    I've never done a fishtail at such a low revs.
    "...than I'll be done and we can dance.."

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    its blue
    punch the guy in the neck. I'm serious.

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    You should advise the City so they can come and clean it up, too. Streets Operations, 604-323-7651.
    Transportation is serious business.

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