GSXR Cam Chain Tensioner
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Thread: GSXR Cam Chain Tensioner

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    GSXR Cam Chain Tensioner

    So it sounds like my cam chain is rattling. No big deal right? Coming from an F3 I knew all about Honda's crappy CCTs and that replacing them was no problem. I look in my factory manual for my 2000 GSXR 600 and discover the automatic CCT is inside the motor? Am I looking at the picture correctly? Am I going to have to do this at the next oil change?

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    I was wondering, does it rattle all the time or only when cold?

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    It's something you should change soon. If it loosens off enough for the cam chain to skip and throw your valve timing off you'll likely be looking for a new motor. For a $60 part, not worth the gamble. The stock one is an automatic spring loaded mechanism with a piston pushing on the chain to give the tension. It can fail. The manual one is just a pison on a threaded shaft that you tighten yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gixxstar
    For a $60 part, not worth the gamble. .
    I paid 110 at imperial for mine. ah well. Take off the ride side fairing and lift up the tank and the cct is right there up againsed the frame rail going intowards the motor. Might need to take off left side plastic to tighten it fully. If your unsure its prolly only .5 hours labour at a shop like bomax or 5th gear.
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