Be carefull what music CD's you listen to on your PC
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Thread: Be carefull what music CD's you listen to on your PC

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    Be carefull what music CD's you listen to on your PC

    This is getting nasty

    Virus's installed on music CD's
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    yah well..... this aint anything new.....just its out in the open..... gay none the less....
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    OMG they are trying to stop people from stealing their music!!! well I for one think they should be shot

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    How is ripping a CD onto my PC "stealing"? All i am doing is putting the music which i purchased into a more easily accessible format. Fuck 'em, they haven't done anything good since "Paul's Boutique".

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    I read about this awhile back on Slashdot, I think... they didn't call it a "virus" then... just a bad piece of self-installing software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InvisibleSoul
    just a bad piece of self-installing software.
    Nice virus definition

    These half attempts to stop people from copying music only ruins their reputations see Metallica & Napster

    At this time its not possible to stop music from being copied, why bother?
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