ICBC's new idea for cagers
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Thread: ICBC's new idea for cagers

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    ICBC's new idea for cagers

    ******** NEWS FLASH *********

    In order to assist other motorists in indentifying dangerous drivers, it is now compulsory for anyone with a lower IQ and pathetic driving ability to display a warning flag, the flag ( comprises of a red cross on a white background )
    will be displayed attached to the top of each door, for drivers of exceptionally low driving ability and high stupidity factors, additional flags are required for those who are highly mentally challenged, ICBC is hoping that this new system will assist the general public in identifying losers , and those that other motorists should give the " finger to ". Lets all help keep ICBC claim rates down.

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    Is there a flag for those young punks in supped-up imports that weaves in and out of

    the HOV lane on the highway?
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    There's nothing to prevent us from doing this on our own. Let's get some metal film stickers done up with that pattern. If a cager causes one of us a problem, slap one on the car! That way, other riders will know to stay clear, and if we ever want to report them, we simply have to tell them it's the one with the flag sticker on the trunk...

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    My idea is that if
    Learners have to display an "L"
    Novices have to display an "N"

    why not...

    Seniors have to display an "S" to receive their $100 (average) discount
    and a "C" or something for anyone who's caused more than 2 accidents???

    Then we can watch for them!

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