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    1973 RD 350 KDX 220

    73 Rd 350

    Hey folks, i was given a complete 73 RD 350,the motor is out of the frame and i was told that all parts are there for the motor.
    Now the fun part,i need a shop manual,and need to know where to get parts,etc for this old two stroke. I know i will need to get the crank rebuilt,is there any place local? (i have checked the web and found 2 places in socal that will do the job- spec2 charges $99.00 us and the other place is almost $400.00us?) Also on the top of the piston there is a stamp .50 is this telling me it has been bored out to 50 over? can i bore it again? cylinder walls feel smoooth,no scraps or nicks so i am kinda hoping not to have to rebore it,just replace the rings and pistons.Any and all help would be greatly appericated as i want to get this baby back on the road soon, with some chambers and a little port work, i wanna show my young riding buddies what a stroker can do!

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    60 thou is as much as I'd punch those barrels. If they are clean, just bottle brush hone them slighly and fit new rings.

    Trick with those cranks is their tendency to twist. They are a multi-piece design swaged together without any positive method of locking them in position, IIRC. They need to be straightened out carefully.

    The big bucks start flowing when the crank on a 2-stroke needs work. It's the fiddliest aspect of most designs. The top end is a simple as simple can be. I'd be wary about how much you dump into this thing. 2 strokes are like dating Catholic girls. No matter what, you often end up pissed and broke.


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    try mongoose machine,located in coquitlam.

    they do everything you need.if your pulling the crank out get it done right.
    Take the cylinders to them and showem the bores they could tell ya which way to go.run oem yamaha pistons to.no wisecos.

    parts wise,yamaha might carry some old stock otherwise you will have to do some searching.

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