Were to get tools??
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Thread: Were to get tools??

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    Were to get tools??

    since i basically left the shop cold turkey iam gonna be buying all new tools.

    I am used to snap-on and will be buying all the important and high usage tools from them.

    Any recomendations were to get decent tools?Iam not interested in craftsman or cdn tire stuff, some of there stuff just doesnt fit right.they have a great warranty but i dont want to have to keep returning stuff.

    Any places in the lower mainland that carries a good selection?
    i know kms,princess auto?anywere else?

    I gotta get my ass in gear before i look for work,so i gotta get buyin.


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    Let me know if I can help you out.

    All it is, is a call.

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    John, I may be switching jobs soon. I'l let you know if I can get you serious tools at a discount. I'll probably know monday evening.

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    a theatre near you
    check out pawn shops, there is one in aldergrove downtown, that has tonnes of tools! good place to snoop some out!
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    Take a look at the Acklands Grainger web site. They carry the entire Proto line along with others. Should be very close to Snap On. You should be able to open an account as a business and get a discount.

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    Hanson tools on River Road in Richmond is an industrial supplier but also handles mechanic's tools as well. I believe they handle Hazet as well as some other lines.
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