Need 929 crankcase parts ASAP!
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Thread: Need 929 crankcase parts ASAP!

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    Need 929 crankcase parts ASAP!

    Hi guys, need some help!

    Long story short....Mike (can't think of his handle) had a very impressive wheelie flip and did a little damage to his '00 929. (bug him enough and he might post the damage pictures ) Problem is we are supposed to head to Calgary next Thursday (July 4th) morning but he has to get some parts in to get the bike running. BOMAX is trying to get them in and is doing a good job but some parts might not be available until after Thursday.

    Does anyone know of any new or used parts that can be ordered and shipped before July 5th for a '00 929? He's specifically looking for the crankscase, crankscase bolts and the sators I think they are called....the coils in the crankcase.

    Those parts will get him up and running, fairings, tail, pegs and stuff will have to wait Really don't want to go by myself to the Stampede!


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    Did u try supersport in langley, its a bike wrecking place they might ive seen 929's striped in there before!!

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