RPM drops slowly after revving
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Thread: RPM drops slowly after revving

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    RPM drops slowly after revving

    I found out that when I rev it up in neutral, my RPM seems to come down slowly compared to my friends' bikes. Is it always like that for carbed bikes or there's something wrong with it? Thanks

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    could be a tad lean,but from what i have seen on some zx6's if the idle is set a little high it returns slowly.also make sure the trhottle cables arent to tight.

    try lowering idle to 1000 and try it,if it dont help the set it back.

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    Actually, If I understand you correctly, it suggests to me you pilots may be screwed out a little far (rich). If the idle hangs on a light blip and then drops to normal, you're a little fat on the pilot screws. If it dips below the preset idle after the blip and struggles back up, I'd suggest you're a little lean on the pilots. Try to get it so it just drops to preset quickly without any hesitations.

    There are many things that might cause this, from just a characteristic of the engine's reciprocating weight, to carb issues of various kinds, to simply cheapo instruments not accurately reflecting what's going on in the engine.

    Hard to tell without a look see.


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    A common problem for my carurated 84 Yamaha Seca 400 was that the manifolds(the rubber tube thing that attached the carbs to the engine) would get hard and eventually get to the point where it didn't seal properly. i.e. an airleak. The symptom is that when you rev it right up in neutral, it takes a little while to get back down - it'll sort of hover and float back down to idle.

    It's the same symptom that you're complaining about so I thought I'd throw that out as a possibility. The solution? Silicone the manifolds so that there's no air leak or buy fresh new manifolds.

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    Depending on how you mean "seems to come down slowly", as in just returns to idle a bit slower than your friend's bike but still steadily then it may simply be differences in your drivetrain. Assuming your friend has a different bike (you did not specify) a heavier flywheel, which the 98ZX6R has (relatively) will cause the rpm to drop slower revving in neutral than a bike with a lighter flighwheel (more mass = more momentum).

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    A vac leak will cause this for sure...start by checking all hose's and make sure the throttle body seal and airbox seals are tight....

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    my throtle was stuck because of the heat...
    I got someone to sit on the bike while I pulled hard on the handle...I was hanging of it basically...pulled it off and it was back to normal...


    maybe that's all it is...

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    sup brad,
    today i kinda played around with my throttle cable and the choke cables a little bit, and then when i fired up the bike, the idle was too low, so i had to adjust it. When i took it out for a ride, whenever i wanna slow down and let go of throttle, the rpm doesn't come down as fast as it usually does. so i think i must've tighten the cables too much. Good luck with yours

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