Valve clearance / and cam chain check....
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Thread: Valve clearance / and cam chain check....

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    Valve clearance / and cam chain check....

    Had some free time today so I thought I would check my valve clearance and cam chain tension..My bike just hit 25'000 klms...and no valve adjustment ever done...

    I thought it would be really easy to get the valve cover off...but it was a little more work than I wanted have to remove the throttle bodies to get the valve cover about a tight squeeze.....well I was very surprised to find the valve clearance is a long ways away from an chain tension is fine...

    So all you people who think the bike salesman was full of crap when he said " No valve adjustment for 20'000 klms" yup he's right ...Im thinking I will be around 35'000 or more before an adjustment....
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    yeah.....apparently zooks run a long time before they need any adjustment at all. Glad you did it. I think I'll be sure to bring my calipers and gauges home with me this time and do this one myself.

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    when its time...I will do the adjustment myself...but I have to find a garage or shop...not the type of thing ya wanna do in the under ground... .....Gotta stop these crazy shop bills....

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    I just did my wifes f4i and everything was fine with it. Not that hard of a job but my Katana was adjustable not shim under bucket, much easier. You don't always need a shop to do work on your bike.

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