Seeking: North Shorers, Paragliders
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Thread: Seeking: North Shorers, Paragliders

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    Seeking: North Shorers, Paragliders

    Hi Gang,

    (I assume thatís the proper term to address a buncha bikers).

    Iím looking forward to lots of rides with lots of folks from lots of places. But Iím starting this thread because Iíd like to meet some other North Shore types to putt around with on a momentís notice (perhaps weíll do more parking than riding). Also: Is anyone out there into paragliding? And if so, can/do you bike to the sites with all your gear?

    Iím planning to be at the Church (if itís dry) for my first group rides Thursday July 8th and Saturday July 10th

    Letís meet! Iíll be the one trying to pick the bugs out of my not-so-sexy new jacket. Thanks in advance to the leaders/sweepers. I hope I posted this in the proper forum, my apologies otherwise.

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    Welcome aboard Doggie

    I've wondered about paragliding and thought that it would be the perfect way to fly (other than my models) where you can use a motorcycle to get to where you do your OTHER sport. Two birds with one stone and all that nonsense.
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    I've always wanted to try and get into the sport but never really knew anybody who was into it. I'd be interested in learning more about it though.

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