Need Power Commander for 98 GSXR 750
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Thread: Need Power Commander for 98 GSXR 750

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    Need Power Commander for 98 GSXR 750

    Wanted to buy Power Commander 2 for a 98 GSXR 750....I know this is not the proper area but this is where the people who know what it is hang out.
    If you know anyone who has one please let me know..

    If someone hooks me up with a good deal theres a Case Of Beer in it for ya !!

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    I just started looking into these cuz I just bought a used '03 F4i which came with an aftermarket exhaust (MIG). I've been advised that it is running rich and that I need to add a Power Commander to make it run optimally. Not so much for hp gains, but to improve the efficiency of the engine (fuel/air), & extend the life of the engine/spark plugs.

    Most of the shops in town can order one for you and install it. Future Cycle is a listed Power Commander test site. You can also get it direct from the Power Commander site (google search). And, if you're lucky, you can find it on ebay.

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    No luck on ebay...and I want a used one...500 bucks is a little steep....I dont want it for Hp gain either...I have a slip on and the pair valve disabled ..and its running a little lean so I need to add a little fuel to the mixture....

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    i bought the teka unit off andy so bring your gixxer by and i can set it up.

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