Need to re-format my H/D Drive
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Thread: Need to re-format my H/D Drive

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    Jet Blast

    Question Need to re-format my H/D Drive

    I need to re-format my hard drive on my other computer, and can't remember for the life of me how to re-format "C" drive. Back in the day when Win '98 was around it was easy, BUT now that I'm on Window's XP, I don't remember how to do it.

    I need to totally re-format, and re-load XP.
    Can anyone help?

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    Set computer to boot form XP disk.
    Follow the prompt.
    It will let you format.

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    Jet Blast
    O.K-I tried doing a fresh install from the disk thinking that would do it, but, I'll try again

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    Jet Blast
    How do I get it to boot from the disk?
    I can't remember how to get back into the BIOS?

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    usually f2 or del when it boots/posts
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    Can you find out what type of motherboard you have? It's either going to be delete key, f2 (usually for intel and del computers), f10 or tab when first booting the computer. You'll need to set the boot devices up so that the cdrom is before hdd0 or ide0. if you can find out what kind of computer you have I'll go through the exact steps
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    Jet Blast
    Delete key worked!
    Thanks guys!

    I think I got it figured out now. Had to delete all partitions, and re-create a new ones.
    It's just formating now.

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    step 1 go to
    step 2 dload the windows 98 bootdisk OEM
    step 3 put windows 98 boodisk OEM on floppy
    step 4 reboot pc wif floopy inside
    step 5 drive A:\ should come up
    step 6 type in FDISK
    step 7 delete all your partitions
    step 8 make a dos drive
    step 9 reboot and put in win XP
    step 10 let it load off the xp cd and run the install
    step 11 if u fuck it up.....its cuz i missed a step

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