My horn doesn't work
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Thread: My horn doesn't work

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    My horn doesn't work

    What the crap?! Since when do horn's break? It must be a Suzuki thing. One day it worked, the next day it didn't. Short of checking all the connections, is there anyway to find out if it's broken or not without buying a new one?

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    Try your owners manuel in the trouble shooting section. Could be a fuse.

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    stick a test light into horn plug see if it lights when the horn button is pushed. if it lights chances are you need a horn. if it doesnt youll have to dig deeper

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    If there's an orange wire to the horn, disconnect it and put the pos lead of a multimeter, set to 12vDC, into the socket connector. Put the other lead of the meter to the battery neg terminal, switch the ignition on and press the horn button.

    If you get a reading of 12 volts, then the horn is busted or the earth wants cleaning up. No reading means the switch has gone for a burton.

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    Take it off ....and hook it direct to the battery with some lead wires ...if it beeps ...its the switch or the wiring...

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