......er, page 98 of the Sept 04 issue of Sport Rider. ORRRRRR.....try 1 of the threads in the ZX-10R forum on Bikeland.org. The one about break in procedure to be exact

FYI, "K bryant" is a prominent member of a very well known exhaust system company, and he reports out of 6 ZX-10Rs he's had on the dyno, the one which did not follow the recomended break in procedure was 10-12 hp down on the 5 others which did.

For more info on break in and the utter bullshit that Mototuneusa is spewing, check out the aforementioned Sport Rider issue.

So where are all the supposed bike mechanics and racers now? Maybe we should ping that topic back up and you shouldnt listen to all the bullshit you read on the web? Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Back to school kiddies