Painting my bike
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Thread: Painting my bike

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    Painting my bike

    i got a yellow 1999 R6 and I took it in for an icbc claim, (some guy backed into my bike, long story) I am getting the tail part and the FRONT (headlight part) assembly re-painted along with other repairs. (covered by ICBC)

    i might as well the rest of the bike painted and they quoted me approx 600 bucks.

    does anyone know other paint shops, iknow there's borderline but who else.

    i want to get it painted somewhre else that's cheaper than 600 dollars.

    how much is generally to get a ONE color painted (no fancy pansy) just one color? BTW, its being painted R1 Black.
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    That's about the right price, see if they will go down if you take all the parts off for them. You might save a little in labour.

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    definitely cheaper if you take everything off for them. You can check with Starlight autobody, I remember they painted a gixxer and another bike a few years back.
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    Yeah..,Starlight Autobody is Greatthey did some body work for one of my buddys. The results were MONEY!!!! I totally would bring it to them. there flexible with haggling too so give them a try! Talk to Vic.

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    I can paint it for you. I work in a shop in north van. I would have to see it though before I can tell you how much.

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