Witnesses to accident in North Vancouver?
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Thread: Witnesses to accident in North Vancouver?

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    Witnesses to accident in North Vancouver?

    Posting on the behalf of my brother, we need witnesses in order to confirm events and prepare for ICBC.

    If you witnessed a car vs. motorcycle accident on the afternoon of July 7 2004 around 3:00PM in North Vancouver on the on-ramp to south bound 2nd Narrows (Iron Workers Memorial) bridge and north bound Hwy 1.

    Events appear to be that my brother riding a Kawasaki ZX7R crossed the Dollarton Hwy bridge (crossing Seymour River) Westbound, turned right to enter on-ramp for northbound Hwy 1. Car travelling East on Dollarton Hwy turned left to enter on-ramp, failed to stop for stop sign before entering on-ramp or entered on-ramp and cut off my brother (car must have moved directly across left lane to right lane moving directly in front of my brother.).
    My brother stated that he was not speeding.

    He was unable to stop before striking rear of car. My brother is only bruised thankfully. He and I have no idea if the car stopped at the scene or any witnesses have been recorded with the RCMP. I was not present.

    We need your help to confirm events! Please PM me or contact me at hanson_b@telus.net if you have any information.
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