While waiting in traffic with all the rest of you, on the west side of Hwy 1 at about 5ish, my clutch cable snapped. Guy from this site, (Marko? Mako?) on a custom painted R6 stopped and helped as much as he could. He was headed to the north shore ride this afternoon and took the time to help.
Thanks and hope you had a good ride!
The cable broke halfway inside the sheath so there was no indication it was fraying, nor was there any way to patch it together. A friend from work stopped and gave me a lift to Western Powersports, the closest Triumph dealer.
I have had poor service from them before and was disapointed again. Rather than go into the details, I'll say that they thought they had a cable but later found that they didn't. Credit where credit is due, the owner does a first rate job with the clubs and events.
Got a ride back to the bike and lashed up a crude clutch lever, using a nylon strap and a screwdriver that, when held in my right hand, could engage the clutch and get me going. I debated just roll starting it in neutral and snapping it in gear when I at some speed but as an out of shape guy in full aerostitch riding suit, I'd probably spontanious combust first.
Bikes home with no major excitement and I'll take the day off to get 2 cables from British Italian, who have never disapointed me.
It was an adventure and I'd like to thank those that stopped, even if they couldn't do anything. Maybe because I didn't have my helmet in the approved upside down by the side of the road sign, they realized it was minor and passed on by in good faith. Again, thanks to those that helped.