**Need opinion on Digital Videocam - HELP!!
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Thread: **Need opinion on Digital Videocam - HELP!!

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    Question **Need opinion on Digital Videocam - HELP!!

    I am in the market for a Digital Videocam at the moment. Me and the woman are going on our first international trip (just to Disneyland/Cali) at the end of the month and I thought it would be the perfect excuse to get a new toy.

    So, any recommendations. I wanna stay in the $700-$1000 range. I know that won't get me anything close to high-end but something pretty nice and decent.

    Any recommendations? Or better yet, any Future Shop employees out there that can hook a brotha up?

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    I just bought a Panasonic GS15, I got a really good deal on it off revscene. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it's so small and light, I was suprised how tiny video cameras have gotten.

    I'd recommend that no matter which camera check out Ebay for an extra battery and mini dv cassettes. You can find 10 tapes for just over $30 US, London Drugs sells the same ones for $16.99 + tax for 2.

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    Sounds good. Thanks fellas

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    I recently got the canon zr 80 it's a pretty good camera except in low light, i really like the sony dcrhc models good small cameras and a touch screen nice picture to take a look a those ones.
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