Kawasaki GPZ(X) 400
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    Kawasaki GPZ(X) 400

    I've been looking around for a good starter bike and have found a few GPZ400's and GPX400's for sale.. Now I'm not sure what the difference is between them other than that the GPX is a Japanese import. What I'd like to know is how hard is it to find parts to repair these bikes, as well as any other information such as which North American model would have parts that would fit these bikes.

    Thanx for your response..

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    I have an older GPZ400. Finding parts can be difficult. Alot of the 600 parts will work. I found a web site http://www.oldbikebarn.com that has some parts. the parts are not listed but if you give then a call they can help.

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    One or both of these are what are called Grey market bikes. They are all older than 15 years and were brought into Canada from Japan where these bikes were the Creme de la Creme.

    There is no doubt that there are some very fine jewels among this class of bike but if things go bad parts are not easy to come by. IMHO it's far better to stick with models that have proper distributor support as none of the companies bring in any of the major parts for these bikes so you must resort to equivalencies, substitutions or foreign mail order to keep it running.

    If your heart is truly after a 400 stick to the Yami FZR400 or the Honda CB1 or the Suzuki Bandit 400. Otherwise there are a number of excellent first bikes that are current or near to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeTee
    If your heart is truly after a 400 stick to the Yami FZR400 or the Honda CB1 or the Suzuki Bandit 400.
    I agree with that, the only problem is that they're damn hard to come by. If you're willing to travel, you can find them easier in the US simply b/c more of them were sold there. I just brought back a B4 that I found (on EBay) in Seattle. Even with the exchange, used prices in the US are better than up here. Supply and demand. You may have to go where there's more supply.

    BTW, the 400 is an absolute blast around town. I love it and I've been riding for 10+ years. It doesn't have to be just a starter bike.
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