Noobie: what (features) should I look for in pants?
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Thread: Noobie: what (features) should I look for in pants?

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    Noobie: what (features) should I look for in pants?

    I'm a new rider, planning to ride recreationally and some fair-weather commuting, and probably won't ride in winter.

    I was thinking I'd be riding in jeans most of the time, but now I'm thinking of a little something extra protection-wise. Ideally I'd like some overpants so I don't have to change in and out of them for short trips, and could wear shorts for when I'm playing sports, but I'm not sure how cool they'll be during summer if I'm also wearing jeans.

    Any specific features I should be looking for? eg. crotch venting (anything else)? Are overpants too bulky? Anyone hate overpants and have some solid arguments for just plain textile pants?

    I'm planning on going around to stores in the next week looking at them, but I thought I'd get some info from somewhere other than a dealer.


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    I have a pair of Belstaff pants (textile) with armour in hips & knees. Wear them over jeans, bike shorts, whatever. They have a zip in liner for cool weather and are waterproof. They are reasonably comfortable but not the easiest to get in and out of and they were fairly expensive. Got mine at RMS, tried on a bunch of different ones before deciding on these. Go and try, best way to find what you want or don't want.

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    I have the JR Ballistic textiles. Good stuff. Cool little pocket with a little reflective stuff on it. Has some foam in the knees and a little around the hips. It's better than jeans, but no where near as good as leathers. You can pretty much fit anything under textile pants. I fit a pair of shoes in mine. Best to wear them in the front. You can wear shorts, jeans, or if you're feeling frisky, go commando.

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    you have to make sure that you get the leather frills with the pants. that's the only way that leather pants make you look cool. if you can't handle those, get a pair of these

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