K&N for 02 GSX-R750
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Thread: K&N for 02 GSX-R750

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    K&N for 02 GSX-R750

    so i put one of those fuckers in today.. and i have a feeling that the stock filter lets more air through than the K&N... what should i do? Is there a place where i can dyno my bike for free/cheap?


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    tomorrow at rms they are having dyno days again

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    yes they say the K&N has negative effects on the Gixxers. very minor mind you, it is reusable so thats the benefit.
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    Gixxers dont like K&N filters much....do you have a Power Commander??? IF not you may need one one if you are modifying the air fuel mixture...a simple slip on can lean a bikes mixture...worse if you use a K&N filter...the stock filter is 50 bucks ..so the K&N is a bargain...

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    So whats the deal with f4i's? I have a slip-on yoshi and want to get a k&n is this all bad for my bike or will it slow it down?

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    In the past 4 or 5 years the stock air filters have gotten a LOT better to the point that a K&N is not a mod that'll deliver a definite performance increase. At this point they are running on momentum. Or in the rare case where the stock filter is paper element the K&N is a bonus just due to the ability to clean and reuse it.

    On the 9R the K&N created idle and low throttle problems with my bike. Dyno testing by a couple of other guys showed that the K&N did not increase power at all even on a modded bike but it did smooth a few little dips around the peak power RPM so some of them were using it for that. I went back to stock since I mostly ride in the real world and the idle and low rpm cruise was more important to me.

    Other bikes may vary a little on this but generallly I'd say that if you have a thin element air filter made from foam and fuzz that is oiled then the K&N money would be best spent on something else. For anyone with stock paper elements then I'd get a K&N for the lifespan.

    Raph, it's possible that you ARE letting in more air depending on your stocker. Can you tell if it seems lean or does it seem richer now? Symptoms?
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    Not much change... i have a feeling that it's not reving up as fast as before but it might be in my head... when i put the filters side by side, im pretty sure the stock let more air through. its a lot thinner than k&n, and it isn't oily, which i think has a lot to do with it... since air filters last 10, 15 thousand k, im going back to stock..

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