FS: 2004 Arai Astral Tempest Black/Silver
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Thread: FS: 2004 Arai Astral Tempest Black/Silver

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    Hey Guys,

    Seeing that my bike got stolen n i need money for an apartment, I'm selling my helmet...

    2004 Arai Astral Tempest, Medium, Black/Silver
    MSRP $969, most places sell for $799, I paid $649 before tax ($740 after tax)

    selling for $650obo...

    mint condition, wore it 3 times before my bike got stolen (father muckers! ) ... visor has never been used (i used my old visor from my trashed quantum helmet).

    heck, i can give you 2 clear visors if ya want (i'm keeping the smoke visor i actually crashed in as a little reminder to stay within my limits )

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    Actually i think i'm gonna sell my other stuff too now...

    $650 - Arai Astral Helmet, blk/silver, Medium
    $100 - Teknics Violater Gloves, Blk/Silver/White - Small
    $275 - Sidi Vertebra2 boots size 42
    $450 - Joe Rocket HighsideII 2-pc suit, blk/slvr (zipper connecting jacket/pant is busted) size 42

    Have receipts for everything, helmet was used for literally 3 rides, rest of the stuff was used for one season... msg me if ya want pics or anything (i'm too lazy to take a photo n post right now :P )

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    ok, since a couple of you wanted photos here goes...
    hope this works

    EDIT - ok didn't work, so here's the new link...
    just msn/icq me if you're interested

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