One day in a Forest
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    One day in a Forest

    There's this Forest, and a magical turtle lives in it. One day he sees a bear chasing a rabbit so he stops them and tells them that they can each have 3 wishes.

    For his 1st wish the bear says that he wishes all the bears in this Forest were female except for him. Done.

    The rabbit says "I wish for a Hayabusa motorcycle." The turtle and bear are a bit confused, but the wish is granted anyways.

    For his 2nd wish the bear says "I wish that all the bears in the neighboring forests were female except for me." Done.

    The rabbit wishes for a helmet. "Done"

    For his 3rd wish the bear says "I wish that all the bears in the whole world were female except for me." "Done"

    The rabbit says "I wish that the bear was gay."
    Then he jumps on his Hayabusa and rides away.
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    What a dumb bear... could have accomplished all three wishes just by saying the 3rd wish first.

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