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Thread: R1 Not holding a charge

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    R1 Not holding a charge

    I started my bike up yesterday - perfectly fine - it was all good. Rode around, threw down a few wheelies - turned it off at a friends (took keys out, no lights on nothin) - went back out to turn in on - nothing - sounded like battery was dead - jump start no problem - ride around - same thing wont start - i have to jump it everytime.

    It only has 4400km on it and is 4 weeks old - any one have any ideas? Plz help!!!

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    check that the electrolite in your battery is topped up, there should be little things covering the fill hoels just pop them off and add some purified water to top it up. reverse osmosis purified. like aquafina. charge it, if its not good after that, you got more serious problems

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    charge your battery and check your charging system. you can do that by taking it to a shop. it shouldn't cost that much. but you'll have to find out if your charging system is good first, otherwise your battery is keep on dying and it won't hold charge

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    Can you say warranty? When it's running and you rev it up past idle the headlights should glow a trifle brighter. If they don't then the charging circuit is pooched. If they do then there's something wrong with the battery. It's either dry like Jayson said or it's just old since this is a non current year bike.

    By any chance do you spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic with very little open road time? If this is the case then the battery can run down since S&G will not charge the battery enough to make up for all the idling. You either need to do more out of town rides or set up a trickle charger or buy a scooter for the commuting....
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    that sounds like a warranty issue possibly. So early for a "new" battery to not hold a charge
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    start yer bike up, and put multimeter leads against your battery terminals. at ~4000 rpm they should show between 14 & 15 volts. That'll prove your charging system is ok.

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