First ride on my bike...
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Thread: First ride on my bike...

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    First ride on my bike...

    Well after riding dirtbikes for a while, i finally bought my first streetbike....
    1990 kawasaki zx7.... Haven't been able to go for a full ride yet because i don't have my full license, but i took it up and down the street by my house. I am loving this!! Can't wait to go for my road test

    Just had to tell someone cuz I'm goin crazy right now

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    Get used to it...its a friggin addiction that only gets worse...but beware city riding gets BORING real fast !!! I find myself riding for at least a tank of fuel to get some where were you can ride if ya know what I mean

    Enjoy its a great sport..

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    giant killer
    hey who's zx7 did u buy?
    We're zx-7 bro's hahah!

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