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    In Retrospect

    Hey All;

    I've been sitting here looking at the pictures of the people I've ridden with, People I've wanted to ride with (but time and scheduling hasnít been agreeable)
    People Iíve seen at events but never really said Hi to.

    I know some times I rub people the wrong way, and I've always got the camera. Itís not to be weird and creep anyone out. I'm just so glad to be apart of this community...

    The Event of this pass two weeks has me reflecting. And It brought me back to a thread I started last year Called "Why I Ride"
    Hears the link

    I was hoping that we could add the stories to this link or bring new life back into the older one...

    Adam I was wondering If the old link could be stick pinned to the beginning of the section, just to give new members a outlook on motorcycles, and old farts like myself a section to cheer up on and remember why we ride.. Especially after the events of this week...

    Thanks all.
    Sorry if too sappy but oh well.. Don't beat me up too much ok


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    I think it's important. That's what it's all about really. With so much bad news of accidents and bikes getting jacked, it's easy to forget sometimes. Thanks.

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