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Thread: Need Fellow Newbies to Ride With

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    Smile Need Fellow Newbies to Ride With

    Hi guys and gals,

    I want to see if there are any other newbies who would like to get together on Sundays to ride. Ideal locations would be slower speed runs, with less traffic and nice roads and scenary .

    Would also appreciate any non-newbies who would like to just hang out or give the rest of us some pointers.

    I've taken Sundays off for the whole summer to ride, so it would be nice if we could make this a weekly thing, but we could choose some other times if you guys and gals wish.

    If there's enough interest for this type of thing, I would hope that this thread can become a "sticky" too.

    See you on the road

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    flying busa
    Hi Ko7,
    Welcome to the board. I'm not a newbie but I am interested in putting together a thread for newbies. I am interested in leading rides for you newbies and giving you a few pointers. I've ridden with alot of hard core riders and realize how important it is for newbies not to ride with them especially on intense long rides. I'm going to Laguna Seca from July 7 to July 21, when I get back I'd love to get together and plan some rides for any newbies that want to get some riding experience in a non-threatening environment. I am not a speed demon instead skill and technique matter more to me. This sunday I might be out of town but when I get back we can start something for sure.

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    My desire for speed is not all that great. I'm very happy to putter along (?) at <10 over the limit, as long as there's good scenery and some twisty roads to keep me interested. I'm not newbie either, so I'd be interested in coming out with you sometime.

    PS. I used to own a SV as well, so I can help with any questions you've got.

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    KO7 ... great idea! ... count me in.

    I may not be able to make it every week,
    but I would love to join as much as I can.
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    This Sunday isn't so great for me, but it's a great idea! Keep me posted for future, I'll be in!

    Flying Busa & Gordopolis, thanks for the support!!! I think a lot of us newbies would like to go on group rides, but are intimidated by the experience of a lot of the users. This is my first season, and I've been riding every opportunity the past 3 months, but most of it's been on my own....Looking forward to it!

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    Hey KO7,

    welcome to BCSB......i'm a long time rider and don't mind riding with you at a slower pace if that's what you feel comfotable with.....anyways my wife is also a newbie and i'll be spending time riding w/ her in the month of July so some company would be great

    Andrew & Anna

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    Burnaby Kawasaki

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    This is good, very good, guys and gals....

    now if a moderator would make this thread a "sticky" that would be awesome

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    I wish.
    BCSB- Administrator

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    Anything happening for a Thurday night ride?

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    I've been riding for a few years (I'm no expert though) and I'd be willing to join you sometimes. Just let me know where and when.

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    more of an intermediate rider, bt i'm in on some sundays if u guys are going for a ride

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    flying busa
    Hi Ko7,
    Looks like you started something pretty awesome. This will be great training for me because I'm planning to take the motorcycle instructors course next sesson. Yahoo...perfect timing. I'll have to get my F4i on the road so I can go riding with you guys.
    Hey Ninja Girl,
    Thanks, riding is too dangerous a sport , I got a lot of help from my experienced rider friends so I think it would be nice to help other riders.
    I'm thrilled that someone even posted this newbie thread. It's about time. It freaks me out watching newbies trying to ride with advance or experienced riders. It takes time and practice. So Ko7 you're awesome.
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    thanx a lot flying busa and everyone else who offered to help.

    it's great that there is some interest for this, and that there are people that want to give us newbies a hand

    Looking forward to meeting some of you when we get this group riding underway

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    i rode for over ten years new, but some days i still like an non
    intensive relax ride,so count me in,please include me for any futrue plans,pls email me

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    i'm in, just post times and places!

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