Van's Warped Tour
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    Van's Warped Tour

    Is anybody gunna hit the Wapred Tour tomorrow at UBC(thunderbird)
    There is some good bands playing this year. ie. The Vandals, NOFX, Anti-Flag,
    Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, Casualties, ect.

    It starts at like noon but if anybody here is gunna go, post up and we'll meet up and go for a rip before hand or someting or meet up there.


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    I'm going. Haven't decided if I'm riding there yet.

    I'll be at north stage or volcom stage. Any of the other bands don't really catch my interest.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    I *sorta* wanted to go, but i've got to work. I just wanted to see Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, Ima Robot, and one more I can't think of. But Sonic Youth is also playing tomorrow (at commodore), and i'd much rather watch I'm just going to that show at night.
    Maybe Mediocre
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